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Think Out Of The Box – Through The Training of Haedong Kumdo

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Think Out Of The Box – Through The Training of Haedong Kumdo – When we come to know “The Truth” we think out of the box. As we begin to understand and do it, we may start to develop our mind and body little by little.

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It is with great pleasure that I publish this book and to be able to share my thoughts and provide it as a guidance to get to know and understand Do (Tao, 道) through the training skills with swords, and without swords, in the JSKR-HK (Jingyoung Ssangkum Ryu Haedong Kumdo, Korean two swords system).

I endeavor to do my best to show the absolute essentials in the method of cultivating one’s mindand-heart with various two swords training skills; physically, as well as to take others to the gateway when approaching the true Do and the foundation to accumulate virtue in daily life.

I suppose that this book could also be a masterpiece of learning and understanding relative to what it means for anyone to function as a fully developed human being; and as a trainee in the martial arts. Especially since one should be able to do it to enhance life by encompassing mental health and related issues.

If we want to achieve the afore-mention, the first task will be to think outside the box; and into a consciousness change. We should also understand what the energy in nature is; and also understand what is around us; and that everything is interconnected with the universe.

It is my view that it is a cutting-edge understanding of human life that is critical to attain a better life and to be a success in today’s world; compared to the olden days where we had to fight, win and survive for family and country. The benefit of an enhanced life is exactly why we must live on this planet in this very moment of time.

This text book, as a guidance for JSKR-HK in the martial arts, is meant to present, “THINK OUT OF THE BOX, I CAN REALIZE AND FULFILL (생각을 바꿔라, 그래야 내가 산다)” to achieve a better life filled with health and happiness in having both a sound body and mind; and growing spiritually as we begin to realize and understand the truths of life with sincerity and humbleness in daily life through the constant fundamental changes of consciousness.

During my stay in Medellin, Colombia from the 15th to the 26th of August 2014, it was so satisfying to observe the many participants’ passions and efforts accompanied with sincerity and positivity whilst engaged in the learning of Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu-Haedong Kumdo. With participants’ thoughts in this trip in Colombia and essays or feedbacks of other national trainees as well with photos and its explanations for learning Ssangkumbups (쌍검법, Two swords forms) and Ki-Mu(기무), In fact, what I have been teaching all over the world is, to not only apply swords skills physically, but to apply the skills and principles gained in everyday life.

Although the principles and skills are very simple and clear, it takes some time to get to a certain state of mind to ensure that the knowledge and practice gained come naturally in whatever we do. Through training, one will be able to access both extensive learning as well as profound human understanding for the task of cultivating oneself so that we become the ‘living reality’ of our lives. Nowadays most of the participants of martial arts try to hone and show their abilities; and irrespective of what is said of the development of the mind or spirit through training, we do not really see the skills and principles reflected and invested in the everyday life.

Through the 2014 Colombian JSKR-HK Events, it was my main objective to specifically show how to learn and teach ‘mentally’ and physically with the deep understanding of what one actually experienced. I wanted to bring about something that was never experienced before in the martial arts. To be able to feel and glimpse into the ‘spiritual world’, and to experience it through swords and Ki-Mu training.

Introducing especially at this time DO (Tao, 道,도), through JSKR-HK Training, through the principle of Nature (Universe), something that most of the teachers and practitioners in the martial arts milieu seem to have forgotten over the years.

What JSKR-HK intends to achieve through martial arts training, is to continuously develop and promote the knowledge and teaching for both body and mind. I believe that it can ultimately be said that JSKR-HK is a higher purpose for a better life, especially to enhance the quality of life.

During my stay in Colombia, I have also endeavored to emphasize the importance of The Truth for a better life with the experience of Energy through the KI-MU(기무) and swords training (쌍검법).

Ki Mu means the inception of Energy (Strength or Light or Wavelength or Love) into the martial arts. As we begin to know and understand the truth of everything around us in life, we may cultivate our moral senses; and we should not waste our limited time in life by not spending our finite energy on vain actions in the pursuit of extravagant or immoral things.

The purpose is to absorb the best practices improve happiness and gratification of life. That is why it is important to have a good teacher who can show students the truths in life, especially in the martial arts. By doing this, students will progress step by step, and according to the student’s own pace; both in mind and body.

Knowledge is merely knowledge; however, what one does with the knowledge is important. Once people try to show the knowledge gained off openly, is when caution must step in. When we practice and cultivate our mind and body, it is important to be cautious especially when people start to say “I know it” or “I am right”; The moment a person becomes self-possessed it effectively obstructs our growth and progress to achieve the ultimate self-cultivation. We know that a “sound mind derives from a sound body”.

In this regard, martial arts training are the best way to cultivate both! We coach to ensure a healthier and stronger body and mind, with or without swords, as we get to know and understand the truth in life through JSKR-HK Training. As a product emerging from the 2014 Colombian JSKR-HK Events, I compiled a book in Spanish and in English with detailed descriptions and photos to illustrate the teachings of the Korean Swords Art, JSKR-Haedong Kumdo.

This book will include feedback from some participants’ experience; and their valued input will enhance the overall level of feedback and thoughts, which some perhaps had never experienced before. In order to enhance the understanding and skills of the two sword art; the book also includes articles and essays reflecting the experiences of martial artists in other countries for more understanding, and some more skills with two swords.

In the section that deals with the basic movements of Ki-Mu, you will find that Tiina Näsi, (Haedong Kumdo, 3 Dan Instructor at the Helsinki Dojang), made a great effort to illustrate same with Erkki Lepre from Finland. Gerardo Iniguez, (HK instructor in Mexico), assisted with the translation from English into Spanish. In the section that deals with the two swords forms, which is performed and illustrated by Johannes Hentunen, (Haedong Kumdo Representative of the Finish Haedong Kumdo Association); and Tero Heikkinen, (Oulu Dojang instructor),who took the photos, as well as being part of basic movements with two swords. Antti Junikka, (Jyvaskyta Dojang instructor in Finland) has done it with his students and Sami Pelkonen, even if they are usually so busy due to their daily work.

I like to convey my sincere thanks to everyone at the Finnish Haedong Kumdo Association. We will continue with more learning and teaching through the next JSKR-Haedong Kumdo text book.

I hope that you will enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it!! Have a good day!

KIM, JEONG SEONG Spring, 2015

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Thank you for the book! I love the stories… it’s great to hear from the experiences all over the world. It is still such a new book, as if the events just happened. It invites me to look forward to the next seminars in Europe. What makes it a good book for me is the combination of the stories and the technical support. The Energy exercises and Double swords forms really make the book complete.

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