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Searching For the Forgotten Half in Martial Arts


I held the first overseas official seminar and demonstrations in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in August 2001.
I had been establishing branch associations and disseminating The Two Sword System of
Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu all over the world and teaching seminars according to each continent
for about ten years.
Finally, in 2009, The Korea World Haedong Kumdo Championship began and ended successfully. The overseas journey I had been establishing for nearly 20 years has been reached. Now, I am making a plan to travel again in 2022 since I recently got back from Bulgaria in September this year. However, I am staying in Korea now due to the covid-19 pandemic.
Since I got older, before I know it, I am already in the mid-60s, looking at the 70s.

The years have quickly passed. Textbooks for The Two Sword System Vol. 1 (2001) and Vol. 2 (2004) were published, and I was in the process of publishing Vol.3, Vol.4, and Vol.5, but  circumstances did not cooperate until 2005.
One day, it occurred to me what I had left out of the explanation of mind and body training based
on the techniques of Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu.
This book is a compilation of those insights. Gaining a more in-depth understanding of the
meaning of ‘The Forgotten Half of Martial Arts Training’ is one of this book’s goals.
While living, for more efficient martial arts training and qualitative life improvement, I would
like to share the things about ‘Martial Arts & Practice’ through my experiences of reaching
enlightenment with many people. Consciousness changes life for human beings.

Through martial arts training, both trainees and non-trainees are offered the opportunity for deeper understanding. Since the beginning of human history, nothing has fundamentally changed. In modern society, we can directly experience the process of innovation and development through constant changes. The level of consciousness and values of modern people is unparalleled.

We can live well when we get out of the existing consciousness as we look at the era of the 4th
industrial revolution. All of the old consciousness that has been passed down hundreds and thousands of years ago will disappear. It is not easy to foresee the future social image and its changes. I published a Five book series for the correct way to practice (Korean version) from 2016 to 2018 and the publication of ‘Think Out Of The Box through Haedong Kumdo Training’ (English
version, 2015) was published, whose motto is ‘Think Out Of The Box, so that I live well’ because it makes people healthy, happy and live well, and can help me do better than what I am doing now.
The core of those books is to adapt well to changes in surroundings for Enlightenment; it depends on your mind, whatever you do. It is the principle, the law and the truth of nature that has not changed using the present day as an example of how to live and understand its true meanings by the principle through this book.

Most of the martial arts practitioners are aiming to build their strength (상승무공, 上昇武功), the
importance of which may be predominate depending on the situation at the time.

Here I would like to emphasize through this book the practical goal for modern people, that life as a human being will be fruitfully and abundantly experienced when you can use the increase of
energy in a good and benevolent way through daily life. That is for modern people in the 21th
century. It will be a true martial art & practice appropriate for the era of the 4th industrial
revolution. You will be able to understand the meaning of the Forgotten Half easier and more

First of all, when it becomes recognizable that both ‘my body is not mine’ and ‘the energy is not
mine’, this can be said is the beginning of proper martial arts practice. But if I think I have done
this myself, my energy, my body, then I cannot control my stubbornness and greed, so I cannot
put myself on the energy of nature. No matter how hard your best efforts are to hone your mind
and body, eventually, it becomes difficult, hard, and even painful in the end.
Looking at the lives of the founders and grandmasters of modern martial arts can help you think about it in your way. It is also possible to draw an analogy from the past lives of famous and respected scientists, spiritualist, and philosophers who believe in their minds and thoughts,

when I get away from nature, my life becomes difficult and hard; eventually, it makes me sick.  The urgent priority is to recognize what the reality of energy is. Bear in mind that the energy of nature has a consciousness and is alive. Through your experience with mindfulness and awareness in daily life you can make this a reality.

When you understand this, you can easily grasp the most essential and crucial point as a principle of meditation and breathing. Without wasting time on false or wrong things which is an illusion, you will be able to make yourself good and others good as well. As you are getting to understand the flow of energy deeply and clearly, you will be able to learn the effective movements of your body for healing others. It also refers to movements that break the opponent’s balance and make use of the opponent’s energy.

In the past, the word of ‘Muwidongwon’; which means martial arts & medicine come from the same root, had been handed down. Its basis will be the same energy of nature which is interconnected under one principle. If you could fully make energy your own; ‘SelfAcquirement’ and put it to practical use through martial arts training, you will be able to help the other person’s discomfort or pain with various capabilities, such as acupuncture, moxa, and hand therapy and so on. Because the principles come from one thing, the reason and principle are the same in the
universe. That is why we can heal others through the way of doing martial arts; otherwise,

you are not doing it with integrity. It is possible to follow the energy of nature properly which means an adaptation well to nature. For each person, the level will vary. ‘The Forgotten Half’, we’re going to talk about through this book, can also be seen from the meaning of ‘Muwidongwon’ if you learn martial arts with body and mind correctly, medicine is also supposed to follow for you, because it’s all come from nature, on which training with a correct mind makes it possible. Therefore, you can notice the interrelationship between Martial Arts & Practice.

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